Month: September 2015


Can women stop being exploited in internet ads on normal websites?

It shows that it’s acceptable and normal in society to violate women. Ads like these get in people’s psyches and influence them in ways they can’t even comprehend. This has to stop. People are getting very hurt.

This is depressing and has to stop.


The Cameraman Decided To Keep

Rolling at the Perfect Moment

^ So sick. Clearly this is affecting our society. Where is the funding to end this kind of filth? Where are the people that care?



Yep, here comes my dose of negativity on Facebook, but this isn’t political, religious, or have any kind of ism at all. What it comes down to is that I’m sick of social media. We live in what’s supposedly one of the greatest countries on earth but to me we waste our precious human existence competing with each other on the internet. Literally, we spend hours of our lives staring at other people’s lives instead of living it with them. Seems like this used to only happen in person but now we have the virtual world to keep up with on top of our actual lives. That’s like two lives to keep up with, except most of the people on my Facebook are from my past instead of actually in my life. I can see how it’s fun for the older generations who didn’t grow up with this, but I’ve been on this website since 2006 when my graduating class was about 15. We were doing it then. We are now adults. We’ve been adults. And to me it’s never actually satisfying to post a picture and receive likes. I feel like I get excited when I want to post something that’s fun or exciting or a picture where I look photogenic, but after a bunch of likes, there’s never that satisfying point. I know because I used to avoid Facebook like the plague until I got engaged and it seemed counterculture to me not post my engagement on Facebook, so I did, which turned into my wedding because “advertised” to these 800 something people that I don’t really know. And the saddest part? A lot of people feel the same way as me about Facebook being a control freak, but nothing will change. If we stopped using Facebook, it wouldn’t be around. But we keep on. We are choosing to make this a part of our lives. I’ve given up with seeing the good in social media. My life is being wasted even writing this. And all these feelings are locked up in my body and my being somewhere and nothing ever changes and it’s frustrating and who knows who they project onto. And a lot of people have these same feelings. Let’s live our lives without a 1984-esque culture following us. Let’s embrace being human and stop advertising the highlight reel to people that we don’t know. It doesn’t seem to be making people happy or getting anybody anywhere. Who wants to slowly ween off of social media with me? Let’s go.