Month: June 2014

Seize Happiness: STOP Fapping!

Seize Happiness: STOP Fapping!

“Carpe diem” it up. Live your best life!


To my son #YesAllWomen

Love this!

The Dad Letters

Hey Buddy,

This is a letter man to man. It is about the topic that men are the least likely to keep their head on straight about: women. It includes a few big thoughts and a shocking admission. This might be a little early, you are only 10 months old. However, I do not know when you will start seeing what you will see or hearing rumors flying. If I know anything, it will be long before your biology catches up. It is best I have my thoughts together now. Don’t worry, I’m not going to write “the talk” in a letter. That would be wierd, but we do have some ground to cover.

Sex is broken in this country. 

Let’s start at the beginning. All people have tremendous value. You have tremendous value, your sister has tremendous value.  Everyone person, period.  There is a war on that value and…

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