Month: May 2014

Elliot Rodger: The Creation of a Sex-Driven Culture

James R. MacDonald

“When will this insanity stop?!”

Those were the heart-wrenching, grief-stricken and haunting words of Richard Martinez, whose son Chris was murdered in the recent massacre in California at the hands of Elliot Rodger. Martinez also stated, “Chris died because of craven, irresponsible politicians and the NRA. They talk about gun rights? What about Chris’ right to live?” As I cannot even remotely imagine the pain that Mr. Martinez is going through losing his son, an all too familiar pain in our current society, I must say that he is only partially correct.

No, I am not about to tell you that old, overused cliché “guns don’t kill people; people kill people”. Guns certainly do kill people and there are all too many people in this country and in this world that are willing to pull the trigger. The NRA has done nothing to help curb the violence, rather…

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Send the White House a Message to Limit Porn Accessibility: What do you have to lose?

If you’re passionate about limiting porn/starting porn education in America, send an online message to President Obama, stating your concerns for why the easy accessibility and lack of education of porn is harmful. Too many people who have suffered from a porn addiction or loved someone with an addiction stay silent about the issue. The media/government think that we are okay with the over abundance of pornographic material. It’s quick and easy to send a message and could potentially make a difference. Here is the link, followed by two messages I have sent.

Here’s what I sent:

Mr. President,

I’ve never contacted the White House before, but America has a TOXIC issue that is too often ignored. With society now being very open with talking about sex, porn is still a taboo subject. This must stop. Porn contributes to the destruction of families, addictions, rapes, corruption of children, and influence of American culture. No, porn doesn’t cause deaths of viewers (but the average lifespan of a woman in porn is 37 years), but it causes addictions, warps your mind, and causes deep emotional harm and suffering. There does not always have to be a death to cause grief and trauma. It causes men to disrespect women and also themselves. It causes young girls to mimic porn stars and boys to expect instant sex from girls. Porn is easily accessible. All you need is a smart phone and you can find degrading, filthy porn with one quick Google search. I’m tired of hearing about men who neglect their wives/girlfriends/significant others and hearing about teenage boys depressed and hooked on watching porn for hours and developing an unhealthy relationship with all women. I even know girls who are hooked on hardcore material. The statistics for those who watch porn are way too high, and if it can’t be censored from the public, they should at least be educated on its harmful effects. I applaud your efforts to reduce sexual assault on college campuses- that is an answered prayer to me. Now if we could education the masses about the harmful effects of porn and have it stop saturating our culture, many lives would be much happier. I am very dedicated to helping spread information about porn addiction, and if the White House intervened, it would be a blessing. Porn culture must be ended!

Thank you for reading. I’m very passionate about the subject and would be happy to provide you with more information at any time.


My Name 🙂

Anti Porn Activist


#2 🙂

I’m tired of seeing porn saturate our culture. It’s not fair to the health, safety, and security of women. It’s poor for mental health of both genders. It causes men to neglect relationships and teenage boys to expect kinky sex from teenage girls. Graphic descriptions of porn are on every TV guide, and its difficult to block them. I don’t understand why this is happening. Porn is highly degrading to women (aren’t we trying to empower women and set them as equals to men?). I’m not saying that porn should be illegal, but it needs to be harder to access. ANYONE with internet can watch ANY type of porn at ANY time. The masses need to be educated on the harmful effects of pornography. Thank you for reading my comment, and I hope that more people will step forward about how the saturation of pornography in American culture needs to stop.

Here’s the link to send your own message:


What do you have to lose?

Why is porn still a taboo subject?

Porn is instantly accessible to anyone with a smart phone.

Porn education is never taught anywhere.

70% of men admit to watching porn.

Porn cannot even appear on the drop down list on Google searches.

Porn contributes to rape culture, depression, breaks up relationships, gives false impressions of sex, destroys relationships, and distorts men’s views of women.

The average porn star lives to age 37 because of drug overdoses, suicide, STDs, or murders.

It is currently not considered normal to talk about porn in a daily conversation, such as it used to be with sex 30 years ago.

I’m not saying people should go around saying, “Dude, I saw the best porn.” But people should be educated about the harmful effects of porn. You can’t even say the word porn now in a conversation, but you can say absolutely everything else relating to sex.

Why is porn never spoken about in American society, yet we see boobs, nudity, and strong suggestive language absolutely everywhere?

You tell me.

Say No to the Deadly Drug

Big corporations are making big bucks, luring men into staring at a screen with their hands down their pants. Isn’t it ironic that a portion of these men have another person, significant other in the house hold, probably very capable of having person-to-person sex with them, yet many men are choosing to experience this pleasure solo? It’s also not uncommon for women to be in the same boat.

Watching porn may seem like a harmless escape, but think again. Porn makes you tired, awkward, and socially inept. Masturbation addiction is a real thing. One nurse who used to work in the porn industry say that she could “see it in their eyes,” when men admitted to having a masturbation addiction. Their eyes were dead, less lively. They were just waiting for their next “fix” (orgasm, alone). Masturbating alone in front of a screen can lead to depression, guilt throughout the day, hair loss, decreased interest in sex, groin/testicular pain, and fatigue/feeling tired all the time.


Did you know porn stars are NOT happy in front of the screen? Even if they look happy, many of them are smiling because of the heavy drugs that they are on. Most porn stars do not live past age 50 due to drug overdoses, sexually transmitted diseases, murder by pimps/pornography producers, or suicide. A demand for porn increases the demand for sex trafficking. The C.I.A estimated that 100,000 girls, boys and women are sex trafficked into America annually. Almost every woman seen in porn has been sexually abused, and 1.4 million end up being victims of sexual servitude. Though the porn industry may look glamorous, the victims (“porn stars”) are being beaten, abused, potentially held at gun point unless they perform sexual acts.


Seeing a naked lady bent over could put you in a trance. You see one image, and you’re instantly intoxicated. You HAVE to touch yourself. They do say masturbation is healthy, right? What could doing this just one more time do to me? If everyone’s doing it, and it’s this nice, there’s nothing wrong with this. Well, you’re wrong. Many men admitted that after doing it one time, they were tempted to doing it another when they had more time on their hands. Before they knew it, it was a habit. Men don’t realize the harmful effects of porn on the brain. Like a drug, pornography can be craved, and also like a drug, it builds you up a little, but lets you down much further. It can make you see the average woman as something to have sex with. Why slowly allow yourself to evolve into a perve?


If you’ve made porn into an addiction (multiple times per week), here’s what you can do.

1. Realize that porn is hurting you, not helping. Watching porn isolates you, warps your mind, takes away your ability to talk to real girls, breeds guilt and depression, and lowers self-esteem.

2. When you feel bored, lonely, maybe depressed, and maybe a little horny, try masturbating WITHOUT pornography. Decide that you’re not going to give into women being sold into American sex slavery, since pornography is the main demand for sex slavery.

3. Get out of the house! Right now! Pick up the phone and visit someone you haven’t seen in a while, even if you don’t want to at first. Even if you don’t have that great of a time, do it again. It will become enjoyable after you get used to it. Call up another friend you never see. Decide to do something you haven’t done in a while. Go for a run. Go lift weights. Go to the shelter and adopt a dog to take with you while you run.

4. Decide that you’re not going to be a person who sees other people as objects, no matter how attractive that may seem to you right now. People are people. Every woman in the world has the capability to be sexual and alluring. Go meet a real women, get to know her, and later get to that point (once you know her and she consents, obviously). I can’t stress to you enough how much more satisfying it will be and how much happier with your life you’ll be.


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