Month: June 2015

Everyone is saying “Genderism” Instead of “Sexism” Now and it’s Wonderful

The word “genderism” is quickly replacing the word “sexism,” but keeping the meaning of sexism.

“Sexism” is harder to discuss with many people. Just hearing the slightly taboo word “sex” in front of an “ism” is too much for many people to take seriously. You also cannot teach sexism with children like you can discuss other isms because it could be awkward to get into what the word “sex” means.

How will women ever achieve equality if the root of the word is considered taboo? It won’t happen. Replacing sexism with genderism makes more sense and will be more likely to achieve success.


Woman’s Name and Identity Change after Marriage

Why isn’t research done to women’s identities after marriage? Most women change their last names and names are very evident in modern society. Many people “are” their names these days. Your full name is what you identify by on many primary social media sites and a person’s name influences how they’re perceived by others. A woman is bound to change her personality a little once her identity has changed, right? And most women change their last names after marriage. I know I changed a little bit once my name was changed, not by choice. Couldn’t a woman’s change in identity affect the dynamic of the marriage? Would marriages last longer if each spouse kept the identity that they met and fell in love with?

It’s Time to Retire the Words “Husband” and “Wife” and Replace Them with Modern Language

I believe that the words “husband” and “wife” do not fit in our modern society.

“Husband” sounds to me like a master or a leader.

“Wife” sounds like a woman that stays home and bakes and takes care of babies.

The history and the context of those words have very little meaning in 2015.

I actually believe that that spouses would respect each other more if they were both referred to as equal parts of the relationship, rather than one having historical context as being a master and the other as being a home maker.

I personally don’t love the word “wife” and I’ve been married for almost a year. It has nothing to do with my husband or my marriage, I just don’t like seeing myself with that title, and I know that I’m not alone. Before my husband and I were married we were “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” which sound very similar and equal. Husband and wife are unequal words.

There’s a rumor that when gay marriage becomes legal, the words husband and wife will dissappear and people will be partners. I personally sure hope that that’s true.