Month: September 2014

This Is What Happens To Your Brain on Porn


Social Media Does More Harm Than Good

Social media cuts our productivity like crazy. We already have friends that exist in the real face-to-face life, so why are we documenting it and staring at it and comparing it to everyone else’s life on Facebook? You know you’ve done it. Friendships would be so much simpler without Facebook. Let me just say that growing up as a female in the Facebook era was highly dramatic… Why have that drama if it could so easily be taken away by just not using these things? The only people who profit from them are the owners of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Why should we be forced to “market” ourselves via Facebook to show everyone how awesome out lives are and that they should be our friend? Social media is and always will be toxic, no matter what anyone else says. As a society, we need to realize this so that our lives may be simpler and fuller. We live in one of the greatest countries on earth, yet we all seem to be sitting alone in front of a computer or iPhone screen and calling this social. Facebook is nothing but laziness and we all call it “socializing.” W.T.F.