Send the White House a Message to Limit Porn Accessibility: What do you have to lose?

If you’re passionate about limiting porn/starting porn education in America, send an online message to President Obama, stating your concerns for why the easy accessibility and lack of education of porn is harmful. Too many people who have suffered from a porn addiction or loved someone with an addiction stay silent about the issue. The media/government think that we are okay with the over abundance of pornographic material. It’s quick and easy to send a message and could potentially make a difference. Here is the link, followed by two messages I have sent.

Here’s what I sent:

Mr. President,

I’ve never contacted the White House before, but America has a TOXIC issue that is too often ignored. With society now being very open with talking about sex, porn is still a taboo subject. This must stop. Porn contributes to the destruction of families, addictions, rapes, corruption of children, and influence of American culture. No, porn doesn’t cause deaths of viewers (but the average lifespan of a woman in porn is 37 years), but it causes addictions, warps your mind, and causes deep emotional harm and suffering. There does not always have to be a death to cause grief and trauma. It causes men to disrespect women and also themselves. It causes young girls to mimic porn stars and boys to expect instant sex from girls. Porn is easily accessible. All you need is a smart phone and you can find degrading, filthy porn with one quick Google search. I’m tired of hearing about men who neglect their wives/girlfriends/significant others and hearing about teenage boys depressed and hooked on watching porn for hours and developing an unhealthy relationship with all women. I even know girls who are hooked on hardcore material. The statistics for those who watch porn are way too high, and if it can’t be censored from the public, they should at least be educated on its harmful effects. I applaud your efforts to reduce sexual assault on college campuses- that is an answered prayer to me. Now if we could education the masses about the harmful effects of porn and have it stop saturating our culture, many lives would be much happier. I am very dedicated to helping spread information about porn addiction, and if the White House intervened, it would be a blessing. Porn culture must be ended!

Thank you for reading. I’m very passionate about the subject and would be happy to provide you with more information at any time.


My Name 🙂

Anti Porn Activist


#2 🙂

I’m tired of seeing porn saturate our culture. It’s not fair to the health, safety, and security of women. It’s poor for mental health of both genders. It causes men to neglect relationships and teenage boys to expect kinky sex from teenage girls. Graphic descriptions of porn are on every TV guide, and its difficult to block them. I don’t understand why this is happening. Porn is highly degrading to women (aren’t we trying to empower women and set them as equals to men?). I’m not saying that porn should be illegal, but it needs to be harder to access. ANYONE with internet can watch ANY type of porn at ANY time. The masses need to be educated on the harmful effects of pornography. Thank you for reading my comment, and I hope that more people will step forward about how the saturation of pornography in American culture needs to stop.

Here’s the link to send your own message:


What do you have to lose?


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