Trashy and Uncool

Maybe this is extreme, but this is something that isn’t talked about nearly enough in America. I think/hope that soon pornography will become similar to cigarette propaganda… trashy and uncool. Pornography is just as addicting but instead of killing your body like cigarettes do, pornography warps the mind into seeing females as subordinate and can lead to abuse. Statistics show that sex trafficking has grown in the United States along with the use of instant pornography.

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What Are We Teaching the Next Generation?


Lately I have been watching a lot of Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball Z was my favorite show as a child, and it was on pretty much every channel. On New Years Eve I used to spend the day watching all of the DBZ movies, which played back to back on one of the kids channels. I’ve seen every episode of DB and DBZ multiple times. I was feeling a bit nostalgic, so I decided to watch all of the episodes from the beginning of DB to the end of DBZ. Right now I’m at the point where Krillin and Goku meet.

As I’ve been watching DB, I’ve been quite disturbed by the sheer amount of problems with the show that I didn’t notice as a child. It’s kind of a running joke that there is a lot of sexism in the show, but I never realized just how pervasive it…

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Marriage Between Man and Woman is Still Not Even Close to Equal…

I don’t understand why this newlywed marriage thing has to be so difficult. Especially for the girl. The girl is the one who has to change her name, change from a Ms. to a Mrs… those things sound so small, but they’re really not. They’re really hard. Emotionally, psychologically… I really think these are the main reasons why it’s been tough to be married. I’ve been married for almost four months… that’s it. He hasn’t changed at all; he’s really done nothing wrong. But I’ve been such a mess. Every girl that says she’s extremely happy a few months after marriage is just lying, because what are you supposed to say when people ask you how newlywed life is? This crap is hard in the beginning. And it doesn’t have to be.

I need to speak out in honor of every female who’s married or about to be married. This isn’t right.

Why doesn’t he have to change his last name? Why doesn’t his “Mr” change to something else? Why is it me conforming to what HE is? Is it because “That’s just the way it is.” ? This has been a struggle. And it just simply doesn’t have to be this way. It’s only this way because society says it’s this way. The men and women of society are saying this.

I think we’re in the awkward years in America right now for women. Most of us are getting college degrees and making something of ourselves and actually being considered “people,” but we still have ancient patriarchal terms and ideas. We still have to change our names (which I was honestly always looking forward to doing, except now I’m having a major identity crisis), we have to be labeled as a “wife,” which to me sounds like a maid… Why can’t we just be who we are? Why can’t we continue to be who we are, like men do? My husband fell in love with the me that I am…

I hope that this blog ranting reaches somebody who’s having or has had a similar experience… I personally don’t think we need to put up with this. I don’t need to sacrifice my identity for a man if he’s not sacrificing his as well.

Why Catcalling Guys And Guys Defending Catcalling Guys Are Wrong

john pavlovitz


Hey Catcalling Guy and Guy Defending Catcalling Guy:

You’re wrong.

Your behavior when you see a strange female walk by you on the street isn’t appropriate.

It isn’t complimentary.
It isn’t cute.

It isn’t classy.
It isn’t decent.
It isn’t flattering.
It isn’t the right thing to do.

You want to know why it isn’t any of those things?

Women are telling you it isn’t, that’s why.

Regardless of the intent, or the rationale, or the spin, or whatever twisted justification you want to make about your actions, the actual recipients of these misguided advances are letting you know that it’s frightening.

They’re telling you that it’s intimidating, that it disrupts their lives, that it makes them fear for their safety, that it makes them self-conscious, and in general, that it damages them.

They’re letting you know that the net effect of the remarks you make isn’t attractive; it’s creepy.

Arguing with women when they tell…

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1 in 5 girls are raped.

It’s not easy being a girl aged 18-25 in America’s culture today.

1 in 5 of us will be raped. I did some research into some popular websites visited by most people ages 18-30 on a daily basis and saw what messages we’re giving the public about women.



Our culture believes anyone can casually do whatever they want to women and it’s socially acceptable with no repercussions.




All of the above videos are just four out of the countless videos I found from a simple YouTube video search of “pranks.”

These are all saying that it’s okay to make fun of women’s bodies in a sexual way.

Next time you see disturbing content about women, which you will… say something! Comment something. E-mail the owner of the website.

The f*** her right in the p**** videos. Where a man at some point says “F her right in the p!”

1 in 5 girls are raped.

This is a NEW epidemic.


Comment on disturbing content. E-mail the owners. We can stop this from being normalized. We can help other girls and ourselves.


Don’t laugh along. You are human too, and you have a heart. Help a sista out.

1 in 5 girls will be raped, and if you’re not okay with it like I’m not…then tell somebody. Spread the word.

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WE THE PEOPLE: Give Us Internet Privacy!

What does America really need right now? As much as everybody has an opinion on topics such as abortion, gay marriage, and the legalization of marijuana, there’s something we desperately need as a society right now that’s long overdue that’s not as exciting to talk about.

We desperately need online privacy laws.

We need to vote for people who will create online privacy laws.

There have been countless problems leading from a lack of internet privacy.

I’m tired of my life seeming public to all of my acquaintances and people in my community, whether I like them or not. Though Facebook will continue to ensure us that the privacy is in our hands, it’s not. We need somebody to lay down the law and stop all of the cyber stalking and grant us our basic human right known as privacy.

Please, give American citizens internet privacy!

Reduce Me to Just a Name on a Screen…

Sometimes social media, aka Facebook just seems so….blah. Well, a human being has so much about them that can be shown to other people while in person, such as their voice, their mannerisms, the way that they talk, they way they laugh, the way they make other people feel… Then you get on the internet, and everything that makes us actually HUMAN in person is absent. This wouldn’t be such a bad thing if social media was used very sparingly, but some people really believe that a person’s Facebook profile defines them as a person, and that’s honestly depressing to me. I can post absolutely anything on the internet. The likeableness of my post has a lot to do with my name and my profile picture. Besides my post, that is all that is in my power to show about myself. That is all that is surrounding my post or whatever I may be trying to convey through Facebook. It can never be how I said it…. nothing. And it’s all generalized as if you are saying it to everybody you know. Does anyone alive act the same way around every person?