1 in 5 girls are raped.

It’s not easy being a girl aged 18-25 in America’s culture today.

1 in 5 of us will be raped. I did some research into some popular websites visited by most people ages 18-30 on a daily basis and saw what messages we’re giving the public about women.



Our culture believes anyone can casually do whatever they want to women and it’s socially acceptable with no repercussions.




All of the above videos are just four out of the countless videos I found from a simple YouTube video search of “pranks.”

These are all saying that it’s okay to make fun of women’s bodies in a sexual way.

Next time you see disturbing content about women, which you will… say something! Comment something. E-mail the owner of the website.

The f*** her right in the p**** videos. Where a man at some point says “F her right in the p!”

1 in 5 girls are raped.

This is a NEW epidemic.


Comment on disturbing content. E-mail the owners. We can stop this from being normalized. We can help other girls and ourselves.


Don’t laugh along. You are human too, and you have a heart. Help a sista out.

1 in 5 girls will be raped, and if you’re not okay with it like I’m not…then tell somebody. Spread the word.

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