Reduce Me to Just a Name on a Screen…

Sometimes social media, aka Facebook just seems so….blah. Well, a human being has so much about them that can be shown to other people while in person, such as their voice, their mannerisms, the way that they talk, they way they laugh, the way they make other people feel… Then you get on the internet, and everything that makes us actually HUMAN in person is absent. This wouldn’t be such a bad thing if social media was used very sparingly, but some people really believe that a person’s Facebook profile defines them as a person, and that’s honestly depressing to me. I can post absolutely anything on the internet. The likeableness of my post has a lot to do with my name and my profile picture. Besides my post, that is all that is in my power to show about myself. That is all that is surrounding my post or whatever I may be trying to convey through Facebook. It can never be how I said it….¬†nothing. And it’s all generalized as if you are saying it to everybody you know. Does anyone alive act the same way around every person?



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